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Tell Us Your Dream

We analyze with you the project, the availability, risk and potential contingencies. Review the requirements and needs: financial, risk evaluation and the skills of your team. Develop the implementation plan and any partnership you would need considering the nature of the project and the geography. The target is to have, from the very first moment, a clear picture of the implications of the project in your company.

Start It Up!!

We accelerate the implementation of your ideas with a focused attention on meeting milestones dates and delivery requirements. Across the implementation, our professional team’s comprehensive control of costs and risks protects your financial results and cash management. From early in the project we plan for long-term continuity by identifying and training the resources who will eventually take over the project and continue your success.

Measure, check and Improve

You need to measure if you want to improve. We define and implement measurement methodologies and dashboards to take the necessary actions when needed.

Make Yourself Known

We work with you to analyze your target customers and segments, define sales strategies to drive growth, and then help implement market positioning strategies to get things moving. We help you to engage key partners and accelerate sales activities with your customers.

We Want to Carry the Can

We are looking forward to help explore your ideas, and ready to go one step beyond. We are ready to invest in your dream.

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To see what all see, to think what just a few do

Atka Partners was born with the compromise to participate in new projects of companies with an entrepreneur spirit, with a close collaboration during the whole process. As with an iceberg, in the expansion and management projects, there are many hidden details that are key to be successful. We are not a consulting company, but the professional partner that our customers need eventually, with all the compromise and involvement that the project requires.

Our Team

Manuel Losada
Manuel Losada
Chairman & Founder
We want to make of your succesful project our own success. During more than twenty years I have had the privilege of create and manage international teams in many different geographies, looking always for the excelence in the projects in which we have participated and enjoying it.
Pablo García
Pablo García
CEO & Partner
Perseverance and collaboration are the basis of success. I have had the opportunity to prove it throughout my international career of more than 20 years in many complicated situations. In addition, when you combine hard work with good mood and trust, success is assured.
Noemí Ruiz
Noemí Ruiz
Risks & Contracts Manager
All under control, up to the last detail. In all the projects I have worked, independently of the country, an efficient mangament of the risks and an exahutive control of the costs and the expected progress, were always the key pillar of the success.


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